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Fic: Trust (Daigo/Ucchii) (Warning: Sex)

"Please let me know if it is too tight, King-dono."

Utsusemimaru traced his fingers over the ropes looped around Daigo's wrists, hesitating before securing the final knot to bind them to the headboard. Daigo grinned mischievously up at him.

"I will. But remember - you're in charge of everything else tonight." Forgetting this almost immediately, Daigo tried in vain to lean up for a kiss.

Utsusemimaru was so used to Daigo taking the lead when they were alone that it took him a moment to realize that with Daigo's limited mobility he would need to take charge himself of even something as simple as kissing. He flushed with embarrassment and leaned down over Daigo, meeting him with a gentle, thorough kiss. While they kissed, Utsusemimaru slowly drew his hands down Daigo's sides, feeling the tension in his muscles, the restrained excitement building as Daigo had to hold himself back. Utsusemimaru had no doubt in his mind that if Daigo were not tied up, he would already have switched their positions by now, teasing every sensitive spot on Utsusemimaru's body until he opened to his passion.

It was thrilling like this, to have Daigo slow down to his pace. Much of their past lovemaking had been fast and eager, which Utsusemimaru enjoyed very much, but it was exciting to get to try something new. To savor the way Daigo's breath quickened when Utsusemimaru's fingers reached his inner thighs. To hear that first moan when he nibbled the inside of Daigo's elbow, before even touching him directly. He wanted Daigo to know that he knew Daigo's body, even as he rediscovered it, that Daigo could experience everything freely as it happened. Daigo had become much more careful since they started getting physical, reigning in his natural tendency to get wild to make sure that Utsusemimaru was never overwhelmed. Now that Utsusemimaru was in control he wanted to return the favor, taking the responsibility from Daigo's shoulders and giving him the freedom to lose himself in the moment.

The reality of making love to Daigo, restrained but unrestrained, far surpassed anything Utsusemimaru could have imagined.

"Ucchii..." The name passed Daigo's lips as both a demand and a plea, and Utsusemimaru curled his fingers within Daigo's body, making him shudder and yank desperately at the ropes around his wrists. "Ucchii...!"

Utsusemimaru licked a bead of sweat that had dripped from Daigo's hair onto his chest, tasting salt and the heat of his skin. His other hand finished stroking the length of Daigo's cock again; Daigo had been hard and slick in Utsusemimaru's grip since he started, and every so often gave a shallow thrust of his hips when he could no longer be patient.

What encouraged Utsusemimaru to go so slowly was not any desire to tease, but rather that he was finally able to see what he had always known about Daigo. That was that Daigo's vulnerability did nothing to diminish his strength. Utsusemimaru was as mesmerized by each of Daigo's gasping cries as he would have been had Daigo been drawing those sounds from him instead. Daigo's strength lay not in his physical power but in the depth of his trust, a feeling so honest and powerful that he could both command and give it as easily as breathing.

Utsusemimaru hadn't realized until then that it was possible to fall even more deeply in love with Daigo.

And when he followed Daigo's helpless demands to push inside of him, when Daigo's unrestrained cries guided the pitch of their bodies, when he kept the the rhythmic thrust of his hips at odds with the slow pace of his hand around Daigo's cock, and that in turn drew more of those same sounds from Daigo's lips, Utsusemimaru knew that any worries they had about control no longer mattered; this was trust, this was love, simple and pure.