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Fic: Receptive (Daigo/Ucchii) (Warning: Sex)

As soon as the door was shut the two of them came together as naturally as breathing, intense, open-mouthed kisses passing between them the moment the lock clicked into place. Ucchii felt the back of his knees press against the edge of the bed and, with a contented sigh, he fell back, pulling Daigo down on top of him. They landed in a tangle of limbs.

"Getting pretty brave, Ucchii," Daigo said with a laugh. He picked up where they left off before their tumble and kissed Ucchii again.

"King-" Ucchii was interrupted by another enthusiastic kiss, "King-dono..."

Daigo sat back on Ucchii's thighs then. His shirt was usually the first thing that would come off, so it was unusual for him to get to work untying Ucchii's pants before anything else. Ucchii was glad for it, though, since it gave him the chance to strip Daigo's shirt off himself, running his fingers over lean muscle as he exposed it. He gripped Daigo's hips and pulled him close until his straddled Ucchii's waist, allowing him to lean up enough to kiss Daigo's stomach. Ucchii had learned quickly that the more time he spent with Daigo the more he wanted to see and touch and taste of Daigo. Daigo threaded his fingers through Ucchii's hair, holding him close while Ucchii kissed him.

Then he laughed. "That tickles!"

Daigo reached behind him, sneaking his hand between Ucchii's legs and rubbing him gently. Ucchii made an undignified sound against Daigo's stomach.


Daigo grinned cheekily. "Feel good?"

Ucchii felt himself rise beneath Daigo's hand. "Yes," he moaned, and began sucking wet marks against Daigo's skin.

"Ucchii~" Daigo crooned, slipping his hand beneath the waistband of Ucchii's pants and stroking him directly.

"Yes?" Ucchii gasped.

Daigo shook his head. "Nothing. I just think your reactions are cute."

Ucchii's head dropped back against the pillows as Daigo's strokes started to build in speed, a flush creeping across his cheeks.

"I cannot - ah - help but feel this is unfair."

Daigo licked his lips, his eyes fixed on the rapid rise and fall of Ucchii's chest as he panted for breath. "What's unfair? Doesn't it feel good?"

"Yes-" Ucchii clenched his hand in one pillow, his legs trembling, "but you..."

Daigo laughed, but his voice was thick and heavy when he spoke. "Believe me, Ucchii, there is nothing unfair to me when I get to watch you like this. But if you're feeling lonely..."

Daigo unzipped his pants, and soon he was holding both of them in his hands. It wasn't quite what Ucchii meant when he said it was unfair, but more than addressed his concerns. Soon Daigo's moans joined his own, low and sensual, as he stroked them together. Overwhelmed, Ucchii closed his eyes, but Daigo's free hand touched him gently on the cheek.

"I want to see your eyes," Daigo said, and even before Ucchii opened them he could tell Daigo was smiling his sweetest smile. The one that reminded Ucchii of a sunset - golden warmth with just a hint of reticence, a faint line in Daigo's brow that revealed both his pleasure and his self-control. Sure enough, there it was when he opened his eyes, and Ucchii had to blink to keep from being dazzled by it.

Daigo leaned down then, touching their foreheads together, all the while stroking with an even rhythm.

"There you are," he breathed, grinning down at Ucchii.

It was Ucchii's turn to laugh then, and he pulled Daigo in for a kiss, unfortunately interrupted by another gasp for breath. Then Daigo stroked him just right, right there, and Ucchii arched his body with a soft groan, everything taut and eager and humming with pleasure. His eyes shut on their own accord, but then he remembered and opened them again, looking up at Daigo, his gaze soft and wondering.

Only for Daigo.

Only for Daigo would Ucchii act so unreserved, complaining and teasing and pleading wordlessly for more. Only Daigo knew how to touch him, how to kiss him, how to make him cry out with pleasure, so it was only for Daigo that Ucchii would open his eyes again. It was in this moment that he realized just how right Daigo was.

"Here I am," he agreed.