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Fic: KRG vs G-B AU Ficlet (Daigo, Ucchii)

"King-dono!" Ucchii cries the name with relief when he sees the familiar figure of his friend and leader.

With all the enthusiasm of a loyal puppy, he bounds over, eager to share his relief at finding Daigo alive and well.

"The others and I were all so worried about you after you disappeared like that. I am glad to see you have not gotten into too much trouble in your absence!"

Daigo stands perfectly still while Ucchii approaches, and if the samurai had paused to think he would have noticed an unnatural aura surrounding the red ranger.

"Ucchii." Finally Daigo speaks, and it is with a tone so unlike his normal voice that it gives Ucchii pause.

"Yes, King-dono?"

Daigo pulls back his lips in a feral grin.

"You'd trust me to the ends of the earth, wouldn't you?"

Without waiting for a reply, Daigo flips his Gaburevolver out of its holster and shoots Ucchii in the stomach.

The shock hits him before anything else, but when Ucchii looks down it is not blood he sees but darkness seeping through his body, filling him with burning cold instead of pain. He raises his eyes, searching Daigo's face wildly for some explanation, and finds nothing but cruel mirth in his expression.

"Ki... King... do..."

But Ucchii's pleas have come too late, and he cannot even finish before the darkness surges up to claim him.