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Summary: Toqger vs. Kyouryuuger The Movie

Note: I have seen the movie twice now and do not speak perfect Japanese, so while this summary is as accurate as I could make it, please keep in mind that there might be minor discrepancies or details I may have missed.

Toqger vs. Kyouryuuger: The Movie

The movie opens in space. Lady is managing her train on the Galaxy Line when this odd green light attacks! She calls in the attack to the Rainbow Line. The green light crashes into a Galaxy Line terminal and sends it hurtling down to Earth. The Toqgers go to investigate but as they approach the terminal, Cambrima and Zourima appear from the ground! Raito says he's not quite sure what these guys are, but as soon as they attack the Toqgers, he figures they must be bad guys. The Toqgers fight but their weapons have no effect on the monsters. Things are looking dire for the Toqgers, especially Kagura, who is about to be hit when suddenly! Two familiar yellow guns appear, shooting down the monsters! It's Amy and King, all suited up and ready to kick butt. I was delighted when Amy exclaimed how much fun she was having while kicking monsters to the dirt. Nossan saves Tokacchi and Kagura ("haigo ni hai! gomen nasai!" (lit. sorry, behind you!)), Ian saves Mio (while twirling a completely unnecessary amount), and Souji saves Hikari (they both say nothing).

The Kyouryuugers defeat the mooks but more of them spawn quickly after. One of them mentions it's been a while since they fought all together like this, so they do a short roll call (mostly just the "strongest braves in history" part), but what is even a short Kyouryuuger roll call without an explosion? Unfortunately the Toqgers are behind them during this, and they get caught up in the roll call explosion. Souji comments that it's actually kind of amazing that they could get caught up in that explosion.

While the Toqgers look on, amazed, the Kyouryuugers defeat the rest of the mooks with an awesome Brave Finish. King starts heading towards the terminal only to be thrown back by an invisible barrier. Souji and Ian test it a bit, but they can't get through. The Kyouryuugers decide to split up and figure out a way through the barrier.

Before Daigo can go off, the Toqgers (out of transformation) run up to him and ask who he is and what he knows about the terminal. Daigo depowers (revealing his haircut too) and introduces himself. The Rainbow Line appears, and Daigo is amazed by the huge train. The Toqgers tell him that he must have a lot of imagination! Daigo has no idea what that is (and disregards Tokacchi's explanation), and says that what he has is brave! The Conductor says there is no time to be talking about imagination and brave, and that Daigo has been issued a special pass that lets him board the train. Daigo gleefully says, "I wanna ride it!!" and they all speed off.

On board the Rainbow Line, Daigo heads straight for Wagon's bentou. While he's choosing, the Conductor asks if he knows the identity of the enemy who has taken over the Galaxy Line Terminal. Daigo says it is Devius (デビウス), a creature created by Deboss that the Kyouryuugers have been fighting. If Devius is allowed to achieve full power, he would become as formidable a foe as the Deboss Army was. The Conductor freaks out.

While he eats, Daigo explains that Devius has taken over the Galaxy Terminal and is sucking power from it. They have a 24-hour window of opportunity to destroy Devius before he can complete his power-up and reach full power. The Kyouryuugers plan to infiltrate the terminal and destroy Devius before they lose that window of opportunity. Raito immediately offers the Toqgers' help, but Daigo turns them down. The fight they just had proved that the Toqger weapons don't work on the Deboss enemies. Besides, Daigo has this impression that the Toqgers are somehow childish, the kind of people you would feel bad about getting caught up in a difficult battle. He tells them to just enjoy their trip and leave the fight to the Kyouryuugers.

Then Daigo jumps out of a moving train.

"He really is a king..." Kagura comments, as the Toqgers watch him casually standing by the tracks and waving like he didn't just jump out of a moving train. (The little boy next to me on my second viewing said, "AWESOME," really loudly at this moment) Raito is really annoyed that they're being treated like kids and reiterates his desire to fight alongside the Kyouryuugers. The Conductor tells him they should let the Kyouryuugers handle it since their weapons won't work against the Deboss. Raito and the Conductor get into an intensely physical and ridiculous fight.

Meanwhile, at the Shadow Line Terminal, a catfish-like Debo Monster named Salamazu (サラマズ) is very politely meeting with Zett, the Emperor of Darkness. Salamazu beseeches Zett for help in defeating the Kyouryuugers, since if his plan in powering up Devius is successful, they will be able to destroy the Toqgers with no problem. Zett is somewhat intrigued despite Salamazu's lack of sparkle and agrees to contribute a Shadow to the cause. Salamazu kisses Zett's cape to show his appreciation which disgusts Marchioness Mork.

In a lonely train station in the middle of the forest, Utsusemimaru is very distressed. He has been waiting at the station to catch a train that will take him to Daigo and the others, but no trains have come through this whole time. As he's looking down the trains, he hears a voice, "The Shadow Line is approaching. Wait behind the black line if you value your life." Ucchii almost falls onto the tracks, but he carefully hops over the black line, saying, "My life is important after all!" A Kurainer pulls in and Clock Shadow disembarks with a group of Kuros. Clock Shadow has the kind of childish personality you would find from an adult acting on a kid's show like Barney. He refers to himself as "oniichan" and talks to the heroes like they are children. Case in point, his conversation with Ucchii.

Clock Shadow: Konnichiwa! (does a very big wave with his arms)
Ucchii: (imitating the wave and his enthusiasm) Konnichiwa de gozaru!
Clock Shadow: Hooray! We got a good "konnichiwa de gozaru"! You're Utsusemimaru-kun, from the Kyouryuugers, right?
Ucchii: How did you know of me?
Clock Shadow: That's beca~use... we're here to defeat you!

At this point Ucchii finally catches on that the creepy clock monster is not a good guy. Clock Shadow orders the Kuros to attack Ucchii. He fights back, but his attacks have no effect on the Kuros, much like how the Toqgers were useless against the Zourima. The Kuros surround Ucchii with their weapons drawn, and it looks like all hope is lost for our samurai when a familiar harmonica begins to play! Akira appears walking down the tracks towards them.

"This is it... my place to die," he says with his usual gravitas.

"He has a samurai's soul!" Ucchii exclaims, completely caught up in the moment.

Akira transforms into TOQ 6 and jumps into the fray, but he drops his weapon almost immediately like always. Ucchii picks it up, realizing that if he has a weapon he will still be able to fight. He too transforms into Kyouryuu Gold, and he and 6 drive back the Clock Shadow and the Kuros.

The fight moves further into the woods with the two sixth rangers doing reasonably well. At that moment, however, Clock Shadow begins to sing, "Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Bong Bong!" Akira yells at Ucchii to run but the samurai will not turn his back on a fight. The Clock Shadow sings a few more rounds, and a strange wave hits Ucchii and Akira to seemingly no effect. The rest of the Toqgers show up to the fight and wonder if Ucchii is another Kyouryuuger. Akira tells them to run too, but the Clock Shadow turns around and chants his song at them too. Akira is the only one who understands how bad the situation is, so he summons the Build Ressha, orders the other Toqgers to jump in, grabs Gold by the back of his collar and says, "You're coming too!" The Toqgers plus Ucchii escape.

Clock Shadow and his Kuros are walking around the woods when they hear a mysterious song playing. It reminded me of the type of music you would hear at a Kabuki performance (energetic and very Japanese-sounding). They come upon a clearing where they encounter the Ninninger! Clock Shadow complains that the five of them are way too flashy and colorful to be ninjas. The Ninninger introduce themselves and their attacks, claiming they are shinobi with no intention of being secretive! They seem fun. They defeat the Kuros with various ninja-esque attacks (leaping out amid swirling leaves, attacking with whorls of fire, pretending to be hurt before going on the offensive, hiding in the scenery, etc). The Clock Shadow escapes by summoning a Kurainer to take his place. The Ninninger use a special ninjutsu to shrink the Kurainer down to a normal size and defeat it with a whirlwind of dust and hidden attacks. Aka-Ninja then turns to the camera and tells us that's all for today!

We return to our heroes in the Build Ressha where something very strange has happened. All of the Toqgers are back in their child forms! Akira explains that it was Clock Shadow's song that turned them back. The song had no effect on him because he was a Shadow himself. The Toqgers only heard the song once or twice so they are now 10 years old or so, but...

"Behold... Kyouryuu Gold." Akira reveals that Ucchii, who heard the song several times, has been turned into a tiny baby. Baby Ucchii starts crying, and the Toqgers realize they're going to need some help.

The Kyouryuugers have all met up again, but they're having no luck with breaking the forcefield around the terminal. Nossan even tries his patented Pukuputor move to no effect. The Kyouryuugers figure that only the zyudenryuu will have enough power to break through, so Daigo calls for Gabutyra. However, Salamazu and the Shadow Line have already teamed up, so when Gabutyra attacks the barrier, a second forcefield made of shadow energy blocks him from getting through. King gets a call on his mobuckle, and he asks Ucchii what's taking so long. The voice that answers is Akira's. He says that he has something to show them.

The Toqgers and Kyouryuugers meet up and the Kyouryuugers are shocked to see baby Ucchii, who has been given a pacifier by this point. He's also being carried by Akira in a front sling against Akira's chest. Akira starts playing peek-a-boo ("inai inai ba" in Japanese) with baby Ucchii with the others talk (Akira's version is "inai inai Nijino Akira!"). Ian says that the Toqger girls are very cute, but out of his age range. Not the time, Ian. The Toqgers say they want to help fight with the Kyouryuugers, but Daigo and the others tell them it's even more impossible now. Raito says that's where Daigo is wrong - the situation is no different than before because their bodies now are their true forms. Daigo asks what that means, but at that moment, the Clock Shadow shows up with both Kuros and Zourima in tow.

The Clock Shadow attacks, and the Kyouryuugers transform to protect the child Toqgers. But the Toqgers say that they are perfectly capable of fighting as they are. They do a child version of the TOQ Change (Tokacchi: Actually, we are children). Akira transforms too, but with a crying baby Ucchii to look after, he can't join the fight. Child Raito tells Daigo that they should switch power sources - the Kyouryuugers put the imagination trains in their weapons and the Toqgers put the brave zyudenchi in theirs. What they lack in strength, the child Toqgers make up in imagination - Hikari launches sneak attacks from the bushes, Kagura and Tokacchi set a trap with rope, and Mio uses her imagination to summon Maiki and tells him he absolutely can't go wild on the mooks (spoiler: he does). With their combined powers, the Kyouryuugers and Toqgers defeat all of the mooks, leaving only the Clock Shadow.

Watching this battle unfold from the Shadow Line Terminal are the elite of the Shadow Line and Salamazu. Zett tells Salamazu that since his plan failed, he no longer has any use for him. Salamazu abruptly changes from his obsequious demeanor into a haughty and insulting attitude, and he retorts that it is the Shadow Line that is unnecessary. He sets fire to Zett's cape (his "kiss" earlier was just to lay his trap) and the entire Shadow Line Terminal, steals a bunch of darkness, and peaces out.

Back on the battlefield, Raito explains that by combining their imagination and brave, they can defeat the enemies. He got the idea watching Ucchii wield Akira's weapon when they were fighting the Clock Shadow in the woods. The Kyouryuugers and Toqgers combine their powers to create a Victory Imagination Bazooka attack, which they fire at the Clock Shadow to defeat him. Before he can turn giant, however, Salamazu shows up, absorbing the Clock Shadow and the other fallen mooks to power up both himself and Devius. He turns into a giant: three Shadow Line Kuros with a box train around their waists and Salamazu's face at the front. Yep.

The five adult Kyouryuugers go into Kyouryuuzin while the Toqgers plus baby Ucchii go into TOQ-Oh and Build Daioh. Salamazu's train attacks are more of a challenge than they initially seem, so both mechas have to power up into their ultimate modes, Gigant Kyouryuuzin and TOQ Rainbow. The mechas trade weapons to launch a huge attack against Salamazu, finally defeating him. In the cockpit of TOQ Rainbow, the Toqgers are finally returned to their adult forms. But if you will recall, baby Ucchii is crying in a sling on Akira's chest... so baby Ucchii suddenly transforms into normal Ucchii... sitting in Akira's lap and crying. He turns around, very confused, with the pacifier still in his mouth (at the preview showing, the entire theater clapped).

They have no time to celebrate their victory over Salamazu, though, because a huge burst of power shoots from the fallen terminal - it's Devius using the darkness Salamazu gave him to launch a massive attack. TOQ rainbow is hit, throwing Ucchii back into the wall and knocking him out. Gigant Kyouryuuzin is also hit by a devastating attack, massive explosions filling the control room. Our heroes escape, but when we see them next at the Hyper Ressha Terminal, all six Kyouryuugers have been hospitalized.

That night the six Toqgers go to the roof of the terminal hospital to discuss the situation and listen to Akira's harmonica. The zyudenryuu left their large sized zyudenchi to charge at the terminal with the rest of the trains, essentially telling the Toqgers that they will need to fight Devius alone the next day. The Toqgers are overwhelmed by this task. Tokacchi wonders if they are up to it, given that the fate of the entire world is at stake. Raito says that he thought Tokacchi seemed really small during the battle that day. Tokacchi says, well, yes, he was a child. Raito wonders if they really were that small. Kagura says that while they were kids, she had the thought that at least like that, their parents would be able to recognize them. Mio and Hikari wonder if they are capable of doing more than just protecting one town at a time, if they will be able to defeat an enemy this big.

Woken by the sound of Akira's harmonica, Daigo sneaks onto the roof and overhears the Toqgers' conversation. He starts to understand a little more about them. Raito rallies the team, telling them that they will protect their families, their town, and every town they find. If they focus on protecting the little, important things in life, eventually it will all add up to one big thing - even the whole world - that they have protected. And, he says, he can see them winning tomorrow! The Toqgers find new resolve and sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Moved by their decision, Daigo returns to the hospital room, thinking over Raito's determination to "protect the small, important things" in life. He looks at each of his sleeping comrades in turn.

During the night, two familiar figures approach the barrier around the terminal. It's Candelira and Luckyuro, sensing the dark and foreboding aura around the terminal. Candelira says she wants to do something to help. Luckyuro asks if she means they should fight, but she says no. They should do what they do best - proecting everyone's smiles!

The next morning, the Conductor, Ticket, and Wagon have gathered in the office of the President of the Rainbow Line, along with the spirit of Torin! With Torin's cooperation, they were able to combine the giant zyudenchi to make one BRAVE battery, which they are connecting to the Red Ressha. The Toqgers get into place in each of their trains, with a plan to protect the Red Ressha until it can reach the barrier and break through using the combined power of imagination and brave. As they speed along the tracks towards the terminal, Devius uses the darkness he obtained to summon Kurainer and past Shadows defeated by the Toqgers to derail them. Akira is first, when Table Shadow and Chair Shadow flip a check point for the rails. He leaps out of his train to fight them and keep the trains on track. One by one the other trains are derailed, but Raito yells, "Brave in!" and manages to crash through the force field. He infiltrates the terminal and finds the room where Devius is powering up, but time is running out! Devius is only moments away from his complete form, and he begins to attack Raito.

At the same time, Akira has defeated Table Shadow and Chair Shadow, but Coin Shadow and Saber Shadow appear with a bunch of mooks to take their place. Kagura and Mio are facing off against Chain Shadow and Hammer Shadow. Tokacchi and Hikari are fighting Vacuum Shadow and Fence Shadow. Things are looking dire for all of our heroes, including Raito, who is being beaten by Devius... when suddenly Kyouryuu Red appears to help him! After hearing them talk the previous night, Daigo explains that he stowed away on the Red Ressha in order to fight by Raito's side. He adds that Raito's field trip needs a chaperone! Raito quips that the chaperone is supposed to take the backseat. Both reds start fighting Devius together.

One by one, the other Kyouryuugers show up to lend a hand to their Toqger counterparts. Gold leaps into the air to take out the mooks around Akira. He tells him that he too has come with the conviction to make this his place to die. Akira says no, that his place to die is right here, while Ucchii needs to die over in the other direction (i.e. a very Akira-esque way of saying, "I'll get this guy, you get that one").

Kagura gets thrown off a cliff, but Kyouryuu Pink is there to dramatically catch her and bring her to safety. Ian leaps into the fray to assist Mio, claiming he's ready to lead this dance with her. Mio is weirded out by Ian's flirtation, so Amy offers to team up with both girls. All three girls do a lot of exciting flips to beat down the monsters, leaving Ian alone to pout about being ignored.

Hikari and Tokacchi are saved by Souji driving in on Deinochaser with Nossan standing behind him and firing at the enemies. Nossan jokes that he has another old blue as a comrade to which Tokacchi replies that he's actually really young! Souji and Hikari fight back to back at one point, and given their previous silent greeting, this time Souji says, "So, you're kind of shy?" Hikari replies, "Isn't that my line?" Souji summons the Feather Edge and the two greens get down to business.

The two reds are having a difficult time with Devius though. They're fighting hard, but he's fully powered now and zapping them with electricity and other attacks. Their fight moves to a big cave (created when the terminal crashed into the rock face). Raito transforms into Hyper TOQ 1, but a brutal attack by Devius throws him completely out of his transformations. All he has left is the Daikaiten Cannon in hand. Devius fires another attack, aiming to kill, but Daigo transforms into Kyouryuu Red Carnival and leaps in front of Raito to take the attack for him. He gives Raito one of his zyudenchi and tells him to combine his imagination and brave to destroy Devius. Daigo flips around so he's standing behind Devius and grabs him to keep him still long enough for Raito to attack. Raito hesitates, worried for Daigo's sake, but Daigo tells him he won't die and says that the field trip is over, that they all have to fight together to win this. Raito uses his imagination to turn the zyudenchi into a Gabutyra-style train (like in the Super Hero Taisen movie and related toys), and fires an Imagination Brave Finish to destroy Devius.

Devius is going to explode and bring down the whole cavern with him, but the attack knocked Daigo out of Carnival mode and left him seriously injured. He tells Raito to escape without him. Raito refuses.

"If this is a 'trip', then the trip isn't over until everyone goes home. And the 'battle' isn't over until everyone gets home alive and well."

He grabs Daigo and together they start to make their way out of the collapsing terminal/cavern. The rest of the teams run up just in time to see the terminal explode with Raito and Daigo both still inside. Both teams scream their red rangers' names with horror, but just then, the Red Ressha zooms out of the explosion, taking both boys to safety in the nick of time. The teams run over to support their respective reds. Raito gives high fives to all of his teammates. Daigo, who is still injured, leans on Ucchii's shoulder while Amy scolds him for going off on his own again. Daigo replies, "But I came back again too!" King's decisions are terrible for the emotional well-being of the team.

The battle is not over yet! To the surprise of no one at all familiar with Super Sentai, Devius grows to gigantic size, and he is furious. He fires lasers and other exploding attacks at the two teams. Suddenly, the attacks are deflected! Four figures appear on a cliff behind the Kyouryuugers - it's Kyouryuu Cyan, Gray, Violet, and Silver! They do their roll call. Then the Toqgers are protected by... Nero, Noire, Mork, and Zett?!?!?! Nero starts to do a roll call for the Shadow Line, but none of the others participate and he is shamed by their silence. Mork explains that she put out the fire in the Shadow Line Terminal by using a spinning attack. Just this once the Shadow Line will help out the Toqgers because man, Devius is a jerk. The no-longer-Spirit Rangers explain that they received a summons from Luckyuro and Candelira, who are seen praying at a shrine for everyone to win.

With their allies backing them up, the Toqgers and Kyouryuugers do a double transformation, doing their roll calls with their helmets off! (Tokacchi: A dream collaboration!) Huge, colorful explosions (including a black one for the Shadow Line). Devius grows six huge wings and starts flying around firing lasers at everything in his fury. The Spirit Rangers and Shadow Line take out the wings, and then all of the teams combine their attacks at once, throwing all the brave and imagination they have at Devius to destroy him once and for all!

The teams celebrate while transformed (Gold runs up and leaps onto TOQ 6 for a hug), with the Shadow Line taking their leave. Luckyuro and Candelira say they think they sensed everyone winning! The Rainbow Line President tries to high-five Torin, forgetting that he is a spirit.

Later the Toqgers are bidding farewell to the Kyouryuugers. Daigo wishes for them to find their home, echoing Raito's sentiment about the trip or battle not being over until everyone gets home safe and sound. The two teams shake hands and then Wagon runs up to take a picture of them all. As the credits roll, the two teams cheerfully wave goodbye. The final shot is of the picture of them all together, with Raito saying that he knows they'll see the Kyouryuugers again someday.

The End


Please feel free to comment here or in my tumblr ask with any questions, which I will do my best to answer.

Q: Are Daigo and Amy portrayed as a couple in the movie?
A: Some moments could be interpreted for shipping, but no direct reference is made to King/Amy as a couple.

Q: Do Ramirez or Tessai appear in the movie? Do Gritta or Schwartz appear in the movie?
A: They do not.

Q: Is there a dance during the ending song?
A: Unfortunately no!